Assignment 0#

The first assignment is to make sure that you can successfully run code and submit results.

It is due August 28 at midnight.


  • Conda installation (either Anaconda or Miniconda)

  • The following Conda packages (install with conda install):

    • pandas

    • seaborn


The steps of this assignment:

  1. Download the starter notebook (direct link: A0-Notebook.ipynb).

  2. Download the code PDF.

  3. Start Jupyter and open the notebook.

  4. Fill in the code in the notebook, running each cell.

  5. Print the notebook to a PDF file. To do this, go to “File” and pick “Print Preview” within Jupyter, then print the resulting page to PDF. If you just print the notebook to a PDF without going through Jupyter’s print preview, it won’t look as good.

  6. Submit the notebook (.ipynb file) and PDF printout to Canvas.

See Our First Python Notebook for a video overview of the submission process.

Before you start the assigment, you will need to install the software. If you are using Onyx, see the Onyx instructions.

Preparing a PDF File#

As shown in the First Notebook video, use the following steps to create your PDF file:

  1. Go to ‘File’ → ‘Print Preview’ in Jupyter (not your web browser)

  2. Print the Jupyter print preview to a PDF file using your browser’s “Print to PDF” feature.