Week 6 — Two Variables (9/26–30)#


The first midterm exam is released on Wednesday.

This week’s learning outcomes are:

  1. Display two potentially-related numeric variables for exploratory analysis.

  2. Compute correlation coefficients between variables

  3. Run a linear regression

Since we have the exam this week, the lecture load is significantly reduced.

🧐 Content Overview#

Element Length

🎥 Two Variables Intro


🎥 Displaying Variables


🎥 Correlation


🎥 Regression


🎥 Features


This week has 0h30m of video and 0 words of assigned readings. This week’s videos are available in a Panopto folder.

📅 Deadlines#

  • Midterm A Tuesday 9:00–10:15 AM (in class)

🚩 Midterm A#

The first midterm is released on Wednesday on Canvas, and is due Saturday at midnight. It is written to take about an hour, and covers material up through and including Week 5. It does not include Week 6. Once you begin the exam, you will have 4 hours to complete it; if you have a technical problem with that (e.g. losing internet connectivity), let me know to reset the clock.


The first part of the exam is a short programming exercise.

The second part is a conceptual exam. it will contain a variety of questions to assess your ability to understand and apply concepts from the class. Question formats include:

  • Multiple-choice

  • True/false

  • Matching

  • Fill-in-the-blank

  • Short answer

I may ask you to do a range of things on the exam, including (but not limited to):

  • Define a concept

  • Compute a metric from a small quantity of data

  • Interpret a chart

Exam Rules#

  • Notes, books, class materials are allowed

  • Asking other humans for help on the exam is not allowed

Study Tips#

  • Review the previous quizzes and assignments.

  • Review lecture slides to see where you are unclear on concepts and need to review.

  • Skim assigned readings, particularly the section headings to remind yourself what was in them.

  • Review the course glossary, keeping in mind that it does contain terms we haven’t gotten to yet.

🎥 Introduction#

This video introduces the week’s topic.

🎥 Displaying Variables#

This video discusses how to display related numeric variables.

🎥 Correlation#

This video discusses how to compute the correlation coefficient between two variables.


In this video, I list the Pandas correlation function as cor. The correct name is corr.

🎥 Regression#

This video discusses how to fit a line between two variables.

📓 Correlation Notebook#

The correlation notebook shows how to compute the metrics in this week’s videos, and has the code I used to produce the charts in the slides.

🎥 Features#

This video introduces the idea of feature engineering

🚩 Week 6 Quiz#

Due to the exam, there is no quiz this week. I will make sure this does not negatively impact anyone’s grade.

📩 Assignment 3#

Assignment 3 is due October 9.