CS 533 Homepage

Welcome to CS 533, Introduction to Data Science, for Fall 2021.

This web site is the central information point for the class, where I will be distributing the course materials, including lecture videos.


This web site is still in draft mode, and it shouldn’t be taken as final until this notice is removed. I’m still putting the finishing touches on some of the policies and details, but the structure is pretty solid, and both the Week 0 prep/welcome and Week 1’s content are ready for you.

I encourage you to browse the site, and to review last year’s site, but you are responsible for ensuring that you are working from the final instructions when completing Fall 2021 coursework.

Points of interest include:

  • The syllabus

  • Canvas (for grades and submitting assignments)

  • Piazza (for Q&A and announcements)

  • Week 0 — start here!

I ask that you direct all course questions through Piazza, even if the question is just to me. This will help me ensure that I do not miss any questions or concerns.

Site Feedback

There are several ways to provide feedback on this course content and site itself:

  • For students, comment in Piazza

  • Use the GitHub menu at the top of the site and “open issue” or “suggest edit”

  • Make a comment on the page. Note that these comments are all public and are stored in GitHub Issues. I recommend using comments primarily for tips for your subsequent readers.