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Week 15 — What Next?

This is the last week of class. We're going to recap, and talk about what's next, both for learning and for putting what you've learned to practical use.

This week's videos are also available as a Panopto playlist.


This video reviews the concepts we have discussed this term and puts them into the broader context of data science.

Data and Concept Drift

This video introduces a fundamental assumption of predictive modeling and the way drift can affect it.


Time Series Operations

Time is an important kind of data that we haven't spent much time with — this video discusses the fundamental Pandas operations for working with time-series data.


Time Series Example

The MovieLens Time Series notebook demonstrates basic time series operations in Pandas.

Weekly Quiz 15

Take the Week 15 Quiz in Blackboard.

Correlated Errors

Regression models require that the data be independent. This video introduces two kinds of non-independence and methods for addressing them: grouped observations addressed with a mixed-effects model and temporal auto-correlation addressed with ARIMA models.


Publishing Projects

This video talks about going from an analysis and its notebooks to a publishable paper.


  • PlotNine is a good plotting library for preparing consistent, publication-ready graphics.
  • The book gender example also demonstrates the current evolution of my own practices for preparing for publication.

Production Applications

How do you put the results of your data science project into product?

Topics to Learn

This video goes over some useful topics to learn to fill out more of your data science education.

General Tips

Some final closing tips and suggestions for you to think about as you take the next steps in your data science career.


It's been grand! I would love to hear more feedback on how to improve this material, because I hope to keep using it for a while.

Makeup Exam

The makeup midterm is due Saturday, Dec. 12 at 5:00 PM.

Grade Replacement

If you turn in the makeup exam to be graded, its grade will replace the lower of your Midterm A and B grades, even if that lowers your final grade. Only turn it in if you think you did better than your worst normal midterm!

Assignment 7

Assignment 7 is due December 13, 2020.

Final Exam

The final exam will be released at 5PM on Monday, Dec. 14, and due at 5PM Thursday, Dec. 17.