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Assignment List

General Rubric

Unless otherwise specified, assignment components will be graded on the following rubric:

Exemplary (100%)
Results are correct and clearly presented; charts are well-labeled and appropriate; explanatory text clearly and concisely tells the story with appropriate context and analysis; organization makes it easy to review.
Basically Correct (95%)
The analysis comes to correct (or defensible) results and conclusions, but the presentation is not easy to follow and/or portions are not clear or lack context or labels.
Right Idea (80%)
The approach is appropriate, but the work has mistakes in code, analysis, or presentation that undermine the correctness of conclusions.
Solid Start (65%)
The work makes a good start, but has fundamental conceptual problems in code, analysis, or presentation such that it will not produce legitimate results.
Did Something (30%)
The solution began an attempt, but is either insufficiently complete to assess correctness or is on entirely the wrong track.

I may assign partial points between rubric anchors as a particular assignment merits. For example, an assignment component that meets Right Idea, but where the flaws are relatively minor, may receive 85–90% of the component's points instead of only 80%.